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Avco Systems fuses 30 years’ experience with the latest technologies to provide bespoke software development of the highest quality.

Outstanding Quality

We obsess over the details. Our stringent development practices, security first approach and ISO certifications ensure software built to last.

Forward Thinking

Future proof your software with cutting edge technologies. Our engineers not only keep up with the latest trends in software, but actively contribute to their development.

Outcome Focused

A truly agile way of working and no hidden costs. We’ll flex to your changing requirements, and deliver a tailor-made solution to solve your business need.

I've been very impressed with Avco, they are delivery focused yet flexible

Graham Booth, CEO

2iC Limited

Avco have always succeeded in finding an answer and always do so in a cheerful and professional manner, giving my teams, me and, most importantly, my customers absolute satisfaction

Keith Ambrose, Managing Director

Experian Automotive

Our services help solve complex business challenges with data expertise and cutting edge technologies to future proof your software.

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Refine your vision by using our 30 years of experience to streamline workflows, improve user journeys, and optimise your systems architecture; all the while tracking your business objectives.

We are more than just a development team and will partner with you to find the best solution to your problem.

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Data Processing

We have designed and built systems that form the data processing backend of FTSE 100 companies and government agencies.

We understand that your data must generate both revenue and insight, while meeting the most stringent security standards.

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App Development

We are experts at building reliable, responsive, and innovative applications.

Regardless of scale or sector - our tools and expertise will deliver quality web, mobile, and desktop apps to your users.

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We believe in a quality-focussed approach to building software that consistently exceeds expectations.

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A Personal Touch

Our clients have a direct line to the development team, who are involved in projects from inception through to delivery, which reduces miscommunication and crossed wires.

Peace of Mind

We build automated test suites to protect against regressions and bugs, ensuring that our software lasts into the future.

End to End

Our business, development and infrastructure specialists will support the entirety of your project. And the option of our fully managed and secure data centre provides unbeatable hosting flexibility.

Our software is trusted by FTSE 100 companies, local authorities, and government bodies.

Vehicle & Asset Solutions Smart 3 cover image

Vehicle & Asset Solutions Smart 3

Company logo

The Problem

At the centre of VAS' product suite is the SMART platform. SMART provides VAS with audit scheduling and management tools, and provides reporting dashboards to VAS’ clients. In 2017, VAS and Avco began an ambitious new project to reinvent SMART.

The Result

The improvements have been universally well received by users of the system, with the new UI in particular proving a big hit. The new features are providing VAS new growth opportunities with both existing and new clients.

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Experian Pension Protection Fund cover image

Experian Pension Protection Fund

Company logo

The Problem

Experian gather, analyse, combine and process data across a vast number of industry sectors and for a wide range of uses. Their expertise in this led them to working with the Pension Protection Fund to calculate insolvency risk scores for the sponsoring employers of defined benefit pension schemes.

The Result

The resulting solution includes a well-structured database, a sophisticated import application and a feature-rich website. Avco delivered the project on time, completed all planned tasks and met all projects requirements.

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Experian cover image


Company logo

The Problem, a comprehensive vehicle history service aimed at consumers, was a once popular consumer website that Experian Automotive retired in 2013. In 2016 Experian approached Avco Systems to develop a modern replacement.

The Result

The new was delivered on time with all its objectives met, and continues to be hosted, managed and supported by Avco.

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Retail & Asset Solutions Start 2 cover image

Retail & Asset Solutions Start 2

Company logo

The Problem

After years of growth for Retail & Asset Solutions' (RAS) stock taking system, it had become a complex set of custom built databases. RAS recognised the need to consolidate logic to allow for future growth, and turned to Avco Systems to architect and develop a solution.

The Result

Designed and built a new stock taking system that automatically handles the download of required stock information for a count. This meant no longer requiring an auditor to manually locate stock information, and stock count job data is easily synced between the central system and the laptops via the web interface.

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Hertfordshire SFX cover image

Hertfordshire SFX

Company logo

The Problem

Hertfordshire County Council requires a complete and secure solution that allows them to exchange sensitive data with their clients, suppliers or other third-parties.

The Result

A file exchange portal that allows all users to securely exchange sensitive data between customers and their associated third-parties. SFX is the go-to solution for numerous local authorities and has been in use by Hertfordshire for over 3 years.

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Modernising Data Transfer for Examinations – A2C cover image

Modernising Data Transfer for Examinations – A2C

Company logo

The Problem

The JCQ had designed a protocol based on B2B messaging (EBXML) to replace their EDI transfer systems. However, other off-the-shelf solutions lacked the scalability and behaviour properties required for this approach.

The Result

A system that has supported the operation of the awarding industry in the UK since 2011, used by multiple JCQ awarding organisations.

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