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Announcing SFX 2.0 cover image
Tahsin Hadi

Tahsin Hadi

Jul 2018

3 minute read

Announcing SFX 2.0

Our biggest ever SFX release not only introduces a Fresh new look, but is also packed full of great new features and security improvements

Avco SFX is a secure file exchange service that allows users to transfer files and messages to colleagues and third parties without the security risks of email. Fusing security with simplicity, SFX provides a seamless experience that ensures the user can accomplish their task with ease.

We’re excited to announce our biggest ever update for SFX. Below is a summary of all the great new features in SFX 2.0 as well as a look at the new User Interface.

1. A Fresh New Look

The SFX logo has been updated to coincide with Avco’s new branding. Borrowing from the design of Avco’s new logo, the new SFX logo is simple yet modern.

New logo

Landing Page

The SFX landing page had not changed since its introduction in 2012, and it goes without saying that it was showing its age. The new look is cleaner, more modern, more customisable, and an all-round improvement.

Landing page

The Rest of the Site

Changes to the rest of the site; such as removing gradients, reworking the navigation bar and a new font give the product a clean look.

Updated look

Mobile Experience

The new design has also filtered into the mobile experience. Alterations to the layout and site elements to suit mobile devices and their limited screen real estate make SFX easy to use on small screens, ensuring the user does not lose out on any functionality.

Mobile experience

2. File Management

SFX now supports the following file management functions:

  • Deletion of files uploaded to a new transfer
  • Option to download multiple files individually
Delete uploaded files

3. Bounce & Out of Office Notifications

When a client sends a transfer via SFX, it now tracks any bounce or out-of-office replies and informs the sender via transfer, providing the reply as an attachment. This ensures that users are not left waiting for a response when the recipient is unavailable or the email address given for them is not valid. This allows the user to handle these situations without unnecessary delays.

Bounce notification

4. Automated Virus Scanning

SFX now performs a virus scan on all files prior to attaching them to a transfer. All files need to pass this scan before they can be transferred via SFX.

Anti-virus checks

5. User Creation via API

The SFX API has been extended to allow administrative users to create client accounts simply by providing the user’s email address to the registration/invite endpoint. The API allows technical users to integrate interaction with SFX to their own systems to suit their business process.

Post to API

6. There’s More!

We’ve also included the following changes, making this the biggest ever release for Avco SFX since it was launched.

New Contact Notification

SFX now notifies you when you add a recipient for the first time. Informing you that they may need to register in order to access the data.

Complete Transfer History

You can now access an audit trail of all transfers from and to your account, this feature allows you to see your activity without including any message or file content.

New Reports

SFX now includes a “Successful Logins” report to audit all successful logins to the site and an “All Users” report to allow administrative users to take a screenshot of all users currently signed up to the site.

Adding a new contact

That wraps up our look at Avco SFX 2.0. If you want to know more about SFX, the features it offers and how it can help you ensure secure transfer of your data then please follow this link: Avco SFX.