Secure File Transfer

Avco has strong reputation and long history of providing secure file transfer sevices to schools, local authorities and other organisations. Anycomms, Anycomms+ and sfx cover a broad range of use cases, and we are improving them all the time. Click through below to learn more, or get in touch to find out how we can help your organisation.

Avco SFX secure file transfer


Our newest product, designed from the ground up to make file transfer simple and painless.
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AnyComms plus


Powerful and flexible, Anycomms+ can meet any need.
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Our original file transfer product, Anycomms is fast, secure and efficient.
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Other Products

A2C data standards


With our unparalleled expertise, major Awarding Organisations rely on our our A2C products every day.
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Payroll EDI

payroll services

Our Bureau and EDI products can simplify and improve your payroll.
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Single view of a child


SVC aggregates disparate data sources and exposes them through a single intuitive interface.
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