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A data transfer system for the awarding industry's exams processing.

    Avco Systems A2C Services

    Ease the burden of A2C implementation while still reaping the benefits by taking advantage of our proven expertise.

    Integrated Complexity

    We handle the tricky bits like access keys and feedback to let you concentrate on business needs.

    Proven Reliability

    We have been providing services to multiple JCQ awarding organisations since 2011.

    Solid Expertise

    We are leaders in both the A2C transport and data standards and can advise on the approaches for your business.

    The A2C programme will provide streamlined data transfer and order processes for the UK awarding industry. Avco Systems provides multiple offerings to assist with your A2C implementation;

    What is A2C?

    The new JCQ A2C specifications promise to provide a lot of benefits to both centres and awarding organisations, such as;

    • Streamlining the ordering process for centres
    • Providing easier traceability of billing for examinations and qualifications
    • Providing richer data for both centres and awarding organisations
    • A rich product catalogue describing qualifications on offer in much greater detail than possible using existing EDI formats
    • Detailed feedback for centres on any issues with orders, or details on what needs to be corrected for them to proceed

    However in order to realise these benefits the system must be implemented and integrated, which is where we can help.

    Avco A2C Transport Service

    Avco’s A2C transport service is the market leader in the secure transfer of A2C data between Awarding Organisations and centres. It takes care of the management of centre access keys, embargoed uploads, result splitting, and supports multiple integration options. All while maintaining an impressive level of performance and throughput.

    The majority of JCQ awarding organisations use our transport service, and it has proven time and again to provide rock-solid reliability on GCSE and A-Level result days.

    Avco A2C Data Standards Service

    The A2C Data Standards specification provides a rich data model to structure qualifications, a new common vocabulary for describing products and processes, as well as a mechanism to provide detailed feedback to centres. However, it has proven to be technicality difficult to implement.

    Avco’s Data Standards Service handles the technical burden of the data model while maintaining the business benefits. It transforms incoming A2C messages into more conventional, easy to digest, web service objects. Sequencing, message and product validation and more are handled automatically and seamlessly.

    Consulting & Bespoke Services

    We have advised on and built bespoke A2C systems for a number of JCQ awarding organisations.

    Our long and involved history with A2C gives us an unbeatable level of knowledge and experience. This experience, combined with our leading software development team, we are well placed to help organisations with the unique challenges of A2C.

    The A2C Migration Application

    Since 2012, the JCQ awarding organisations provide support for the Migration Application directly. If you require such support please check the FAQs. If this does not solve your issue there are contact details for each of the awarding organisations here.

    We can no longer provide support directly to centres as part of our agreement with the JCQ.