Secure, straightforward, Web based file transfer solution for schools and local authorities

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What is AnyComms Plus?

AnyComms Plus is a web-based secure file transfer system that is powerful and flexible. It keeps things simple for users whilst still providing a wide array of advanced features and security controls.



All connections over TLS, and files are stored encrypted


No client software required, just a web browser

Flexible Hosting

Use our ISO27K compliant data centre, or self host

Form Editing

Modify forms using built-in tools, without having to download them

Powerful Tools

Automate periodic broadcasts of files, create and send questionnaires, and much more

Audit Trails

Create reports of file transfer activity


Several of our partner organisations have commented on how impressed they are by the obvious security of our data transfer system AnyComms Plus, and its ease of use.

Martin Edgar, Systems Support Officer, Hartlepool Borough Council

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