Secure transfer of large files and messages to colleagues and third party organisations

Security First

Unlike email, with SFX you can be sure that messages or files you recieve are un-modified & safe


Easy to set up and easy to use. SFX has an intuitive interface, and sends email notifications on the receipt of messages.

Low Maintenance

Anyone part of the specified domains can self-register without an invitation.


Avco SFX is a cloud based Secure File eXchange service that allows users to transfer files and messages to colleagues or third party organisations without the security risks of email.


Email is not secure

Unlike regular email, Avco SFX ensures that your communications are safe from malicious individuals

All files are automatically checked for viruses and encrypted during storage and transfer

Flexible Hosting

Adaptable & reliable options

We can manage Avco SFX for you in our UK-based, ISO 27K compliant, data center, or you can host it yourself.

Regardless of your hosting choice you will benefit from an unparalleled and unbeatable level of support


Anyone with a valid organisation email address

Avco SFX allows users to self-register, as long as they have an email address registered with your organisation they can set up an account in minutes

If your users send files outside of the organisation the recipient will also be allowed to register and download the received files


Because it’s safe, secure and easy to use

Anyone working with sensitive information has an obligation to keep it secure, Avco SFX makes this process easy

Transfer data both internally and to others securely every time


Avco SFX is used by over a dozen county councils

“SFX Enables the business to securely transfer data to third parties and the public”


Jaswant Golan, Security Officer – Hertfordshire CC

“The ability to send large documents and files to third parties securely is a big advantage, saving valuable time and resources for Sheffield City Council”


Jeff Crofts – Sheffield CC

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