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The initial requirements gathering and analysis of your project is completely free, with no-obligation to purchase our services.

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Looking for A2C Migration support? Unfortunately we aren't allowed to provide direct support to centres. You will need to contact your awarding organisation instead. You can find their contact details, and other helpful information, on the A2C website.


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Our Services

Solving business challenges with data expertise & cutting edge software.


Use our 30 years of software development experience to find the best solution to your business challenge. We partner with you to understand your business, systems and objectives to formulate a comprehensive software solution.

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Requirements Analysis

Have a challenge but not sure how to solve it?

With our extensive expertise across a variety of sectors, we can help break down the problem and propose a range of potential solutions.

Workflow Optimisation

We can help you increase productivity by streamlining the user experience of your software.

Prioritise core user journeys, reduce clicks, and bring the most important information to the forefront.

Process Automation

Our analysts can delve into your time consuming manual processes and transform them into slick automated pipelines.

What currently takes days could take minutes or even seconds.

Security Risk Analysis

Data protection and application security have never been greater concerns.

Leverage our expertise to review, understand, and mitigate the risks in your software.

Technology Assessment

Gain a holistic understanding of the state of your software stack.

We can provide an independent view of the strengths and weaknesses of your platform, and advise a roadmap to prepare it for the future as your business grows.

App Development

We are experts at building reliable, responsive, and innovative applications for web, mobile, and more. We believe in a quality-focussed approach that aims to build reliable, performant, and secure apps that are built to last.

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Intuitive web applications that adapt to any screen size and provide rock solid security and performance.

We have delivered over a hundred web applications aimed at consumers, B2B, and internal teams. Combined with our proven agile methodology and quality-focussed approach, this extensive experience means that we are the perfect partner for your next web project.


Fluid cross-platform mobile experiences to help you better reach your customers.

It used to be that delivering mobile apps to all major platforms was a costly and time-consuming endeavor, but with modern development tools it is now possible to build a single app that is truly native, cross-platform, and scales across all screen sizes.

Intuitive Design

We will prioritise common user journeys and reduce clicks, in order to build the best experiences for your users.

A Personal Touch

Our clients have a direct line to the development team, who are involved in the project from its inception through to delivery.

We are big enough to handle large projects, but you will be on a first-name basis with everyone working on your project.

Committed to Quality

We build automated test suites to protect against regressions and bugs. Combined with our stringent development standards, this ensures that our software is built to last.

Security First

Our engineers keep up with all modern advances in data protection and web security, and it shows in our work.


.NET Platform








React Native

Selenium WebDriver


Data Processing

We are data experts and have been helping our blue chip clients analyse and process large data sets for many years. From automotive data analysis to GCSE and A Level examination results, we handle large volumes of important data on a daily basis that vary massively in nature and type.

We understand that your data must generate both revenue and insight, while meeting the most stringent security standards.

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High-throughput Data Processing

Building data processing pipelines that ingest, validate, transform and load data quickly and efficiently.

Find out how we built a system to process exam orders/results with high peak traffic and short SLAs.

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APIs, Integrations and Interfaces

Data is only useful if you have the means to access it, query it, and gain insights.

We have built dozens of systems which expose intuitive APIs and interfaces for querying and investigating large data sets.

Security and Compliance

Our history and expertise in building software that processes sensitive data means we have a strong reputation of building secure systems. We ingrain security best practices into all of our development processes.

Recently a number of our clients have asked us to evaluate and prepare their software for GDPR compliance.



SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server




Managed Hosting

We are dedicated to providing an unrivalled service to our customers and their clients. Our fully managed, monitored, ISO27K certified, and PCI compliant data centre allows us to provide unbeatable hosting flexibility for the systems we build.

As our client you will have the best of all worlds with a choice between our data centre, cloud providers such as AWS/Azure, or both in a hybrid cloud. All managed and supported by the same team that built the software.

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Unrivalled Support

By choosing us as your hosting and support provider you will receive ongoing support from the development team that built the software. Their intimate knowledge of your system results in an unparalleled and unbeatable level of support.

Complete Flexibility

Windows or Linux. Containerised or Bare Metal. On-premise, AWS, Azure or GCP.

We’ll choose the optimal infrastructure architecture for the specific needs of your software.


Clients who choose our secure data centre know exactly how much they’ll pay each year.

Cost-Efficient Hybrid Clouds

Use our data centre for resource-intensive processing at a fixed low cost, alongside cloud providers for high availability and scalability.

PCI Compliance

We have the capability and experience to host and support systems which handle payment card information.


Windows Server

Windows Server









Our software is trusted by FTSE 100 companies, local authorities, and government bodies.

Retail Asset Solutions Start 2 cover image

Retail Asset Solutions Start 2

Company logo

The Problem

After years of growth for Retail Asset Solutions' (RAS) stock taking system, it had become a complex set of custom built databases. RAS recognised the need to consolidate logic to allow for future growth, and turned to Avco Systems to architect and develop a solution.

The Result

Designed and built a new stock taking system that automatically handles the download of required stock information for a count. This meant no longer requiring an auditor to manually locate stock information, and stock count job data is easily synced between the central system and the laptops via the web interface.

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Hertfordshire SFX cover image

Hertfordshire SFX

Company logo

The Problem

Hertfordshire County Council requires a complete and secure solution that allows them to exchange sensitive data with their clients, suppliers or other third-parties.

The Result

A file exchange portal that allows all users to securely exchange sensitive data between customers and their associated third-parties. SFX is the go-to solution for numerous local authorities and has been in use by Hertfordshire for over 3 years.

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Modernising Data Transfer for Examinations – A2C cover image

Modernising Data Transfer for Examinations – A2C

Company logo

The Problem

The JCQ had designed a protocol based on B2B messaging (EBXML) to replace their EDI transfer systems. However, other off-the-shelf solutions lacked the scalability and behaviour properties required for this approach.

The Result

A system that has supported the operation of the awarding industry in the UK since 2011, used by multiple JCQ awarding organisations.

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