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Vehicle & Asset Solutions Smart 3 cover image

May 2020

3 minute read

Vehicle & Asset Solutions Smart 3

At the centre of VAS' product suite is the SMART platform. SMART provides VAS with audit scheduling and management tools, and provides reporting dashboards to VAS’ clients. In 2017, VAS and Avco began an ambitious new project to reinvent SMART with a comprehensive series of upgrades.
Experian Pension Protection Fund cover image

Jan 2019

3 minute read

Experian Pension Protection Fund

Faced with an opportunity to partner with the Pension Protection Fund, Avco were contracted on behalf of Experian to develop a service for securely making insolvency scores accessible.
Experian cover image

Aug 2018

3 minute read

Experian, a comprehensive vehicle history service aimed at consumers, was a once popular consumer website that Experian Automotive retired in 2013. In 2016 Experian approached Avco Systems to develop a modern replacement.
Retail & Asset Solutions Start 2 cover image

May 2018

3 minute read

Retail & Asset Solutions Start 2

After years of growth for Retail & Asset Solutions' (RAS) stock taking system, it had become a complex set of custom built databases. RAS recognised the need to consolidate logic to allow for future growth, and turned to Avco Systems to architect and develop a solution.
Hertfordshire SFX cover image

May 2018

3 minute read

Hertfordshire SFX

An in depth view into the file transfer requirements of Hertfordshire County Council and how Avco's SFX meets them.